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Surely everyone else is stronger than me.

Their faith is deeper than mine.

They have an amazing relationship with their husband.

As a mom, they are so amazing at encouraging their children.

Their life is just so….. put together and mine is falling apart!!!

UGH- clearly everyone is stronger, deeper, more faith filled, and better equipped to tackle the universe than you. When you look at it like that, then you are right!  You’ll never climb that mountain, it’s too big.

Each of us long to do a better job as a mom, and quite frankly we are our own worst enemy.  We have this fabulous ability to tear ourselves apart and find every single flaw, examine that flaw as if it were a giant mountain of errors and set forth on the road of self- condemnation.  Instead of focusing on your flaws, why not set out on purpose to create more good?

Are you looking at your flaws as if they are as big as the Grand Canyon?

I was. Then one day, I got sick of it.  Sick and tired of being negative, frustrated and not good enough in my own eyes.  I was wasting my days, my mind and even worse….. it might wear off onto my kids!! No way did I want that.  I wanted to be STRONG, and my children to grow up to be even STRONGER.  So, I set out on purpose to make a change.

I chose to create “traditions” for myself.

Traditions are things we keep the same for a reason.  They give us consistency, encouragement, reminders of things bigger than the moment, and they keep our thoughts and emotions right where they need to be.

Greater than all of that, they slowly edge away our rough spots and carve a canyon of strength within our hearts.


My newly chosen traditions were soon to become

5 daily habits to make me a stronger Mom


Rise Early:

I know, I know, I know.  Every time I suggest that half the room rolls their eyes or sighs deeply.  Here me out.  There are such great benefits to rising early and spending time quietly to yourself.  Whether you are a believer or not, there is daily reward in starting your day right.  The top 21 multi-billion dollar business CEOs all rise early to spend time reading, meditating, relaxing, and some even pray.  Companies such as Apple, AOL, Pepsi, Xerox, General Motors, to name a few, according to Business Insider.

So take a tip fro the pros (and Kind David too) and start rising early to spend time in the Truth.  Even if it’s only one verse you read, you can read it over and over and over.  Chew on it.  Apply it to your day.  Pray about it and ask yourself how can I live this out today?

Your heart will be strengthened daily by filling it with the Truth.  As the Truth carves it’s way through your rough heart, those lies you believe will start to wash away, and carve your strength deeper and wider than before.

Set A Character Goal:

At the beginning of each year, I choose one or two character qualities to focus on for the entire year.  Yes the entire year!!! This year in 2017, I choose encouragement.  I chose this because I could see how very much I lacked it, especially with my children.  I truly desired to be MORE encouraging, but I also fell short a lot.  So I chose ENCOURAGEMENT.  Then, I picked 12 things that I could be more encouraging with in my life.  I assigned one to each month of the year.  It’s tempting to pick more, but 1 a month is harder than you think because you have to make it a DAILY HABIT.

Plan it out like you plan soccer games and play dates.  Write it on your daily calendar that you will do that TODAY.  People say they don’t have enough time everyday.  The truth is, we always have time for what we make time for. Somehow you make it to almost all of the soccer games.  Why?  You make them a priority.  When we schedule opportunities to strengthen our character, then we make time for it.  Now, our growth in character is becoming a priority.  Our need to grow stronger has just ranked up.

Teach your children to set character goals:

All of our children chose character goals as well. Our youngest child chose kindness as her goal.  She came up with ways to  show kindness.  Things that she could DO.  Action items.  Then we took out the calendar and…. you guessed it!!!  We scheduled it in.  After school each day, she was going to read to her brother (her idea) because he is blind and can’t read. She said, I want to read to him so he will have a happy face.  OHHH MELT MY HEART.

When we partake in our children growing stronger everyday, it strengthens us! Those rough edges of shame and guilt are smoothed away with Truth that what you do as a mom matters deeply.  You have strength and power to change your child’s view of herself.  To see herself of great value and worth!  This makes you strong!

Give More Grace Than You Feel Like Giving:

Everyday there are opportunities to get irritated, frustrated and overwhelmed (to name a few). It’s not going to be hard to find time for stress.  In the middle of that stress, it is easy to withhold grace from others (especially our family members) because our eyes are focusing on the wrong things.

So plan each day to purposefully give out more grace than you FEEL like giving.  To your husband, your teenager, your toddler…… you won’t regret giving it, but you might regret withholding it.

Giving grace to others carves new patterns of beauty into your heart and mind. This makes your stronger.


Accept the Grace you’ve been given.

Once my daughter wanted to give me a grub.  Yup, a grub. A slimy, nasty, crawly grub.  You know what I did.  I nicely pushed her hand back a bit and said “Oh no thanks you can look at it, I bet it’s really cool.  You keep it”

DO you do that with the grace others try to give you?  Do you push them away thinking your not worthy, your not good enough, your __________. Or maybe you just brush it off, with excuses of why it’s not really necessary. Do you treat your spouse or family member like a grub? Pushing them away.  When someone offers you grace- ACCEPT IT!!!!  Then say Thank you I really needed that.


With these 5 daily habits you can transform your rough edges into a smooth and beautiful heart that is strong and steadfast, carved with patterns of character, grace and Truth – instead of shame or guilt.











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