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Seasons.  Life is full of them.  Work seasons. Weather seasons. Family seasons. having new baby seasons. raising teenager seasons. There are millions of seasons in our lives.  That is UNavoidable.

But waiting for the season to pass.  Wishing for the next season.  Longing to move on or put it in the past. This IS avoidable.

I was that girl.  That girl that moved forward.  Moved on.  Thinking about tomorrow all the time.  I love new things. New projects.  New goals.  I love fresh change and promises of tomorrow.  BUT I was THAT girl who never really quite content with each day.

Honestly, if you asked me years ago, I would have told you it was because I NEVER wanted to compromise, or give up, or settle for less.  While that was and still is true, I equated compromising and settling with contentment.  I did.

The result was devastating on my inner peace and joy. I was NEVER satisfied.  NEVER.  I ALWAYS was looking for a way to change things.  Now, this has its strengths.  Don’t get me wrong.  It’s pushed me to be a leader, a creator, a big idea person. These are all good things.  It has led me out of the box and into amazing places.  For this I am grateful.  But deep down inside I struggled over the years with being truly joyful and peace-filled with my “current” anything.

Oh, most of the time I was and am a very positive person. Energetic and out going. I love to help others and lead them and teach them.  But there was so much missing.  Missing on the inside.

And with each kid, with each move across the country, with each job change, with each big life event, I found myself enduring the seasons of life.  Knowing this too shall pass. It’s just a season.  While this is very true, there was a giant missing link.  CONTENTMENT and JOY-FILLED life in the HERE and NOW.

After about a zillion children, loads of doctors appointments and surgeries, life constantly full of “new seasons” I hit a WALL.  A breaking point that only God could lead me to.




Just sick of it.  What if God had that season last forever?  What if the season never passed? What if seasons changed so often I couldn’t blink?  Maybe it needed to STOP being about the seasons, and start being about ME.  About my heart. About my perspective. About how I viewed life and the things God gave me.  What if I was looking at it all wrong?

Seasons aren’t bad.  It isn’t some horrible act to remind ourselves that “this too shall pass”, but maybe, just maybe there is more!!! SO much more!!!

So I set out on purpose.  Every single day. On purpose. LOOKING hard and asking God everyday.


And you know what folks???  He did! — It’s like He’s God and He knows what He’s doing 😉

Slowly I started to see that Romans 8:28 is followed by 8:29.  That it’s not JUST that “all things work together for good”, but that God is making us more like Christ.  That the things in our life are PROOF of what we are lacking.  That somewhere in us are maybe, just maybe, a few character flaws.  🙂  And God knows the parts of us that are NOT like Christ, these BIG GAPS in our character and lives, and He knows just how to fix that.

I know in your head and mine, we agree on this.  Of course God knows how to fix that!  So then why don’t we look through new lenses now?  Look at that “season”, maybe we shouldn’t call them “seasons” anymore, instead we should call the “gap fillers”.  The things that God uses to fill the gap between us and Christ.

So now I thank God for a life that is very FULL of “gap fillers”.  Oh how much I was lacking in character.  Lacking at times in patience, lacking at times in grace, lacking at times in diligence or thoughtfulness or cautiousness….or…… boy there’s actually a lot!  How do I know-  because there has been sooooooooo many “gap fillers” and even some I’m repeated a few too many times (sometimes I’m a slow learner).

So here’s to ditching the “seasons of life” and renaming them “gap fillers”!!!

When you see it THIS new way, it’s so much easier to be grateful and joy-filled.  So EASY to be content while still not settling for less.

Outside of my numerous monthly and yearly events that have been “gap fillers” for me,  here, right here, are my most amazing gap fillers to date.  12 of them 🙂

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