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Everyone wants to raise confident children, but why is it then that some kids seem to lack it greatly? Probably because they view everyone as being better at that task than them. Surely mom can do it better, or big sister is faster, and big brother is stronger. So turn that perspective UPSIDE DOWN and start NEEDING your kids to do things.

Every person wants to be needed at some point in time. It is such a rewarding moment to know that you have truly helped someone else. So, give your kids opportunities to help you and be needed.

I know that you can make your own meatballs or fold your own paper airplane or whatever. But what if you asked your child to do it for you? What if they became your “Expert Meatball Maker”, or “Apple Slicer Extraordinaire” or “Perfect Plane Maker” for a paper airplane flight competition.

Train you child in a single task, and then have them become your expert in that area!!!

Last, make sure you call upon their amazing skills.  Maybe you are just soooo hungry or friends are coming over, and now you NEED an expert Meatball Maker!!! Just think of the joy you will build in your child.

Check out this quick video to see more of what I am talking about.


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