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About Me

Hi, I’m Jill

Why in the world am I taking time to blog, run fitness groups, teach people about nutrition and help others grow in faith?  How do I have the time for it?

We always make time for the things that matter to us,
and I just absolutely LOVE helping others grow!!!
Don’t we all desire to LOVE our WHOLE life?


Sean & I are parents to 13 children in all, 11 of them live here with us and 2 live with Jesus.  We have built our family through birth and adoption.  We decided to just let God do the picking of our children, knowing He was the best designer of all things in creation and He would do an awesome job.  And He did.

My love for food stems all the way back to childhood.  I had the fortunate blessing of eating at many great restaurants, including the grand Easter buffet at RP.   Oh how my love for good food grew there!!!   Mmmmmm the desserts, the bowls or shrimp, baskets of fresh breads……. I can still taste it!

Over the years, as our family grew, the dietary needs of our family grew too.  So many sensitive bodies, so many allergies, so many foods that effect behavior and mood!!!   I needed to learn WHY food changed your body, WHY it helped you, and WHY some of it hurt you.  So I went on a quest to learn about the science of food.

I’ve always been an active person.  I played sports in high school and ran in college.  I pushed a million baby strollers, and swung two infant car seats at once for years on end.  So I didn’t really NEED to workout on purpose.  My life was a workout!  Then our family grew again and we adopted 2 sweet boys who are bound to wheelchairs from Cerebral Palsy.   Every year they get bigger and heavier.  So we MUST get stronger.

I am committed to staying strong in faith, strong in nutrition and strong in fitness.
My future depends on it, and so does my children’s.


Join me for a journey of BOLD faith, nutrition education and fitness challenges.

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